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What is the one moment in Chicago Bears' history you would change?

Is there one single moment in Chicago Bears history that you would change? My moment takes us all the way back to 1986.

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Climb into your DeLorean, grab some Crystals, get in your Phone booth, strip down and hop in your Hot Tub, or enter your Wardrobe. What ever your preferred method of Time Traveling is, we want you to go back in time.

In an idea borrowed from The Phinsider, that they borrowed from Music City Miracles, we're giving you the chance to go back and change one moment in Chicago Bears history. Now when we say one moment, we mean one moment. Not a series of plays, not an entire season, but one single moment in time. You can go back and change Chicago Bears history.

Is there a game altering play that you'd like to change? Was there a draft pick you'd rip apart the space time continuum just to prevent the Bears from taking? Did a Bears player suffer an injury that you'd like to go back and erase?

I'll kick things off, and for the record, my preferred method of time travel is by using Uncle Rico's Time Machine.

Travel with me to November 23, 1986. The Chicago Bears were 9-2, and hosting the Green Bay Packers. The Packers were 2-9 at the time, but as was usually the case, they played the Bears tough. Chicago ended up winning the game 12-10, behind a stout defensive effort including six sacks and two interceptions by the Bears D, but it was an interception thrown by the Bears QB that I would like to change.

In the second quarter Green Bay safety Mark Lee intercepted a poorly thrown pass by Bears quarterback Jim McMahon. In my Time Traveling scenario I would encourage McMahon to harmlessly throw the ball into the Soldier Field Astroturf.

After throwing that interception, Green Bay thug Charles Martin picked up Jim McMahon and slammed him down. In the Land Of The Stupid, that's apparently how a defensive lineman "blocks". It was one of the most blatant attempts to injure an opponent in the annals of the NFL. Referee Jerry Markbriet ejected Martin partly for fear that one of the Bears would "kill" Martin.

McMahon tried to play, but he simply couldn't throw the ball. He was replaced by Mike Tomczak, and while Tomczak went onto a very respectable 15 year career, he was no Jimmy Mac.

McMahon wouldn't take another snap in 1986, and the injury prompted the Bears to trade for Doug Flutie.

The Chicago Bears didn't lose another game during the regular season, but who knows how they would have fared in the playoffs with the proven McMahon at QB. While he wasn't a very technically sound player, the Bears won games with him. I know it's cliche' to say, but he was a leader.

Even though McMahon had a reputation for playing the game with a reckless abandon, that shoulder injury was pretty severe, and I wonder how he would have preformed the rest of his career had Martin never body slammed him.

Now it's your turn, what Chicago Bears moment in time would you like to change?


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