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Do you think there will be a surprise cut by the Chicago Bears?

With a mostly brand new coaching staff in place, the holdover "Lovie Smith" guys have zero built in goodwill with Marc Trestman. Will there be a surprise cut or two once the coaching staff has had more on field time with the players?


Just to clarify, when I say a "surprise cut", I'm not talking about an Eric Weems level of a release, I'm talking a big name, or a former high draft choice, or a former starter. Something that will shake up the team, and get the fans buzzing. I'm also not talking about an unrealistic scenario like, 'Bears Cut Henry Melton'. Let's keep it realistic over here.

After his second brush with the law last week, Evan Rodriguez is skating on some very thin ice. If the Chicago Bears were going to cut him, I think it would have been done already. He's still the only fullback type on the roster, and the new coaching staff has been vocal about their desire to get him involved. I do think he's one strike away from the unemployment line, so he better be true to his words that he'll make positive changes to his lifestyle.

For the record, I wouldn't count Rodriguez as a surprise cut. Not only because of his past transgressions, but also because he's so unproven, so who knows what he projects to be.

Here are a few players that I would consider a surprise, in no particular order.

Earl Bennett projects to be the primary slot receiver, but if someone (cheaper and faster) makes some hay in training camp or preseason, I can see the Bears springing Bennett. Especially if Bennett is dinged up again, and fails to show the new offensive staff what he can do.

Sticking with the wide outs, or should I say former wide outs, Devin Hester is moving back to playing solely as a returner and he could be a surprise cut. New special teams coach Joe DeCamillis has said all the right things about wanting to see what it's like on this side with Devin Hester, but if Hester struggles to return to his decisive form, how long do they stick with him. The Bears may believe his Mojo is gone.

The Bears lost Brian Urlacher and Nick Roach after the season, and quickly went out and picked up two starting quality veteran linebackers in James Anderson and D.J. Williams. Then to add to the position, they drafted Khaseem Greene and Jonathan Bostic. I think if one of the two vets were released that would constitute a surprise. They are each on a 1 year deal, so they aren't heavily invested in either, but the surprising part about a potential release, is that one of the rooks must be playing so good, that they felt they needed to spring one of the newly signed veterans.

Those are a few moves that would surprise me, who would you be surprised to see cut?

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