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The good, the bad, and the ugly: Show your old Chicago Bears jerseys

Deciding which NFL jersey to buy should require a lot of thought, but sometimes impulses take over and you just splurge. Got any old Chicago Bears jerseys?

Doug Pensinger

Many NFL fans don't play around when it comes to flaunting their fandom... Jerseys are one of the most popular ways of expressing undying love for the home team, and sometimes, those purchases come back to bite us in the butt.

Take this gentleman, for example:


That fella decided to support on of the most infamous running backs in recent Chicago Bears memory, and did so in the last couple of years.

Of course, there are the mainstays... The Ditkas, the Urlachers, the Paytons, the Butkuses.

We know many of our members have a plethora of Chicago Bears jerseys, some of which are current, and others that are from Christmas pasts.

What's in your closet?

Do you have some old Chicago Bears jerseys that still hang in your closet that you might not be so proud of? Do you have some that will stand the test of time and forever be acceptable to wear in public?

Take inventory of your collection, and upload the pics here in the comments section. If you have any Chad Hutchinsons or Curtis Enises... We won't judge you. Too much.

What about some throwbacks that you are most proud of? We want to see them all.

Load the pics up here, or tweet them to us. (@WindyCGridiron)