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Saturday Night Open Thread: Blackhawks Looking to Advance to Finals

The Blackhawks, with a game 5 victory, can advance to the Stanley Cup Finals. So we ask - what are some of your favorite Chicago playoffs memories?

Doug Pensinger

Tonight, we just have an open thread for you. Nothing too grand, just another one of Chicago's locals looking to head to the Stanley Cup Finals.

The Bruins took out the Pittsburgh Penguins on Friday night, sweeping the Eastern Conference powerhouse out of the playoffs. The Blackhawks may not be sweeping the Los Angeles Kings tonight, but their objective is the same - win Game 5 and advance to the Stanley Cup Finals.

So with that in mind, how about we discuss some of your favorite Bears' playoff moments, or Chicago playoff moments in general? Was it when Reggie Bush taunted Brian Urlacher in the 2006-7 NFC Championship Game, then the Bears just decided to make the Saints pay for it? The Hawks Cup victory in 2010, when Patrick Kane snuck the puck right under Michael Leighton and nobody knew it was in for about two days? Was it the White Sox World Championship in 2005? Maybe it was even Hawks-Wings, Game 7, just a week and a half ago.

Or how about a particular one of the Bulls' six titles? The Jordan Flu Game? The Shot on Ehlo?

Enjoy the game tonight, which is actually on NBC for once, and share with us some of your favorite Chicago playoffs moments.