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Could 2013 be Charles Tillman's last year in Chicago?

With numerous contracts set to expire after this season, the Chicago Bears could look very different in 2014. Could this be Charles Tillman's last year in Chicago?


Lately there has been a lot of discussion about all the expiring contracts littering the Chicago Bears roster. It seems as though general manager Phil Emery is setting 2013 up as a kind of "prove it" year for some of the veterans. Not only were many of the returning Bears going into their last contracted year, but he handed out a bunch of one year deals.

One of the returning veterans is 11 year Bear Charles Tillman, and his recent comments to the Chicago Tribune show he's at least thought about his expiring contract.

"My goal coming into this league was to play 10 years. Anything after that was truly a bonus," Tillman told the Tribune on Wednesday. "I'm happy with my career. I am happy with what I have done in the great city of Chicago. Is this my last year? I don't think so. Maybe after the year I will evaluate my options with the Bears and with other teams and how my body feels ... if I still want to play.

"If I want to leave to play for another team ... there are a lot of things that play into it. Do I want to retire? I will have some decisions that I will have to make at the end of the season. But as far as right now, I can make all of those decisions in February."

Tillman always struck me as a guy that would walk away with a little gas left in the tank. He's a proud family man, and he's very active with charity work, his latest is Allstate's "Give it up for Good" campaign. I'm sure he could find plenty of stuff to occupy his time away from the gridiron.

Even if Tillman makes a third consecutive trip to Hawaii, I think retirement may be a serious option for him, especially if the Bears win the Super Bowl.

As a big fan of Tillman's, I'd like to see him retire a Bear, but I understand business is business in the National Football League.

Do you think 2013 will be Charles Tillman's last season in Chicago?

Could you imagine Tillman playing for another team?

Let us know what you think in the comment section...

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