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Chicago Bears fans: Name the WCG podcast contest

Yes, right with the times, Windy City Gridiron is getting around to a podcast. Our twist? We want your input on naming it.


Let's not bury the lede here, WCG is starting up a podcast soon. (It feels just like 2009!)


A multimedia digital file made available on the Internet for downloading to a portable media player, computer, etc.

Now, the Windy City Gridiron podcast will be many things. We'll talk football, specifically your Chicago Bears. We'll talk sports. We'll make some jokes. Knowing this group, I'm sure some conversations will get derailed. And we'll always think the Packers suck.

But being the ever-inclusive community that you know us to be, we couldn't just drop this bomb on you without giving you some input.

So here's the situation--we have a default name that we'll use if nothing impresses us. But we know you guys and gals are creative, so we wanted to let you tackle it, too.

The Stakes

You get to name the show.


There is no runner-up. There's only one show to name.

The Rules

1. Keep it clean

2. Word play/puns will be accepted

3. Bears or WCG related

4. Be clever

And that's it. We'll take a look at everything, and then come to a final decision through various means. So watch out. For now, drop your best ideas in the comments, and the community will judge you honestly and fairly. Let's go!

Don't forget, we're getting the mailbag going too! Check out the Mailbag introductory article for details. If a question doesn't get answered in the mailbag, it could be because it's on the show!

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