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Former SBXX Chicago Bear Kurt Becker helping to build East Aurora football

Last year Kurt Becker was named the head varsity football coach at East Aurora High School, and now he's helping to build the football culture in his community.

TYTF Team 2012
TYTF Team 2012
From the TYTF website

Kurt Becker played offensive line for the Chicago Bears during their glorious run to the 1985 Super Bowl. He was drafted out of the University of Michigan in 1982, but before that he played football about an hours drive west of Chicago at East Aurora High School.

Last season Kurt Becker took aver as the head varsity football coach of the East Aurora Tomcats after a few years as an assistant at Aurora's Marmion Academy. Rebuilding his alma mater's football program was something he longed to do, and with any rebuild, it takes time and the efforts of an entire community.

Having a former Chicago Bear as the face of football in your community is a great start, but building a successful high school football program starts at the youth levels. And on June 15th, The Chicagoland Youth Football League (TCYFL) unanimously admitted East Aurora Youth Football into their league. They also donated equipment, and made a monetary contribution to the program's start up.

Also on June 15th, the TCYFL held a free football camp at East Aurora High School for any kids grades K-12 that were interested in playing football. Along with Kurt Becker and his high school staff, and volunteer coaches from the youth league, they began to lay the foundation for East Aurora's football future.

Here's more on Kurt Becker and his vision to change the culture of the East Aurora Tomcats.

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