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The Bears Den: July 22, 2013 - Offseason news and notes

Calm yer jockstraps, we're not quite there yet.

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For Bears, it's all about a playoff spot - Bob LeGere: Starting with the first training-camp practice Friday morning, Trestman’s squad will begin the more meaningful mission of proving that it can do what last year’s 10-6 team couldn’t: make it to the postseason.

Steven Schweickert: Ten wins is the 2013 benchmark? Not so fast...

Cutler won't fold - Jeff Dickerson: If Cutler is fully committed to staying in Chicago, there could be a greater likelihood he makes a concerted effort to keep the peace with the coaching staff and improve his overall attitude toward his teammates.

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Trestman remains ultimate unknown for Bears - David Haugh: Of all the moves the Bears made in the offseason, none piqued more curiosity or loomed any larger than hiring coach Marc Trestman after his nine years away from the NFL. Adam L. Jahns: Will the Bears go the Trestman way?

NFCN Blog - Kevin Seifert: What are the three key camp issues facing each NFC North team? For the Bears it's Kyle Long's readiness, configuring their LBs, and the coaching transition.

Player profile - Dan Durkin takes a look at the good and the bad of Jon Bostic, and his prospects for 2013.

Steven Schweickert: The Plan: LB Jon Bostic
Steve Ronkowski: Bears Playbook - Jon Bostic vs. the Mobile QB

Tillman thinks Bears’ defense can top last season - Adam L. Jahns: The Bears’ defense defied belief in 2012. But Tillman, one of the defense’s leaders, has a message: Move on. [Video] View from the Moon: Can D remain dominant?

Bears position preview - Brad Biggs: The Bears changed a starting safety every 2.3 games in Lovie Smith's first eight seasons, but Wright and Conte offer rare stability after starting 15 games together last season. Moon Mullin: 3/4 of secondary playing for new deals.

2013's most important Bears - Adam Hoge: There might not be a Pro Bowler in the league as underappreciated as The Score's #3 most important Bear, Julius Peppers.

10 Bears we’ll be counting on this season - Adam L. Jahns's list of players most important to the Bears’ success in 2013 is not topped by a QB.

Lester A. Wiltfong Jr's 10 Most Important Bears of 2013

Bears position preview - Moon Mullin on special teams: 'New' Hester needs to run like the old one.

Urlacher caught in a world with no closure - Rick Telander: Emery is Urlacher’s scapegoat, but the reality that deluded, devoted veterans fail to see is that the NFL moves on. [Video] CSNChicago discussion: Will comments hurt Emery's reputation? Still in top 10 of jersey sales.

Photos - Photos from Cutler's 80s themed fundraiser for the Jay Cutler Foundation. [Video] #6 talks football, marriage. Mind-blowing stats for the Bears - The research team came up with these 10 Chicago Bears stats that will blow your mind.


Four downs with Ditka - Da Coach with advice for Urlacher, how much Trestman should worry about the Chicago media, and on how Tillman thinks the defense will do.


Polish sausage

NFP Sunday Blitz - Len Pasquarelli: Should NFL teams embrace social media policies for their players? And more from around the league.

Know thy enemy: Packers - Tyler Dunne: Are the Packers ready to defend the mobile QBs of the NFC?

Know thy enemies - Steve Silverman: The Bears' NFC North rivals all have issues of their own as they prepare for the 2013 season.