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Chicago Bears 2013 Position Battles: Quarterback

With the Chicago Bears Training Camp officially opening today, I figured this would be a good time to kick off my Position Battles series. First up a position that appears to be set in stone, Quarterback.


There isn't much of a battle at the quarterback position for the Chicago Bears. The pecking order is set, and there won't even be any bottom of the depth chart intrigue, because they are only bringing three QBs to camp.

I suppose with a new offense to learn they want their guys to get the maximum number of reps, and they must be really confident in the guys they have. I was a little surprised that head coach Marc Tretsman didn't ask for a project QB to work with, but he probably feels he needs to spend the majority of his time prepping #6 for his West Coast Offense.

Roster Locks

Jay Cutler has a new tight end to go along with his returning wide receivers. He has a new left tackle, a couple new guards, and an offensive minded head coach. He's also playing for his next contract, which is a hell of a motivator. I found it interesting that general manager Phil Emery felt the need to make the blanket statement that not one of his players will have contract negotiations during the season. He's setting 2013 up as a put up or shut up season.

Jay Cutler, to his credit, is perfectly fine with waiting to see how it plays out.

"That's fine with me," he said. "I haven't really talked about any of my contracts in my career and I'm not really going to start now. We'll play it out, and however it's supposed to go, it's going to work out."

A good bet to make it

Last year Phil Emery signed Jason Campbell to back up Cutler, and he resigned Josh McCown to be the number three guy. The Bears eventually cut McCown, deciding to go with only 2 QBs, only to bring him back when Jay Cutler suffered an injury. Emery didn't think McCown was good enough to be the number two guy last year, so I wonder what changed his mind?

Part of it could be the money, McCown is a cheaper No. 2, but I think Marc Trestman feels comfortable with McCown. The little bit of recent game tape on McCown paints him as a capable back up, with a little moxie to his game.

I'd say the back up job is McCown's to lose, and unless he really lays an egg in the preseason, he'll be the No. 2.

On the Bubble

Matt Blanchard is only on the bubble if the Bears decide to go with just two QBs again. If they go with three, he's an obvious lock. The Bears could peruse the waiver wire to find a veteran, but after deciding to bring him in as the 3rd guy, after spending some time developing him, I think the Bears will want to keep him around.

He is still practice squad eligible, so they do have that option.

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