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Chicago Bears Training Camp Day 2 Recap

The second practice is finally in the books. We rounded up some of the developments from camp - what are your thoughts?

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Or if you prefer, "Delayed Reaction," seeing as this is a bit late.

Anyway. To the recap of the day's Bears versus Bears contest. Or practice.

Jay Cutler got things started in pretty much the same way as yesterday's practice - completing a pass to a guy on the other side of the ball, as he got picked off by Charles Tillman on the first throw. Then he had his second pass tipped. He completed his third pass to Alshon Jeffery, and the peasants rejoiced crowd cheered.

John "Moon" Mullin has Mike Hass Memorial Award Candidate Fendi Onobun sitting as the #2 tight end currently behind Martellus Bennett.

Brandon Marshall made a nice leaping catch, and apparently his hip issues are no longer as restrictive, though still restrictive. Marquess Wilson also showed up pretty well today.

Brandon Hardin started getting some time with the second unit today - he won't be starting unless something happens, but it'll be nice to see the former third-rounder playing football.

Matt Blanchard tore up the third unit. Quarterback of da future?!

Speaking of third-stringers, Armando Allen's looked good in camp, aside from the fumbles.

James Brown started getting snaps at right guard with the first team, then Brown and Long started sharing time as Long started working with the ones. Later, Brown moved to left guard and Long played at right. Read into that what you will.

Practice was cut short by 12-14 plays because Marc Trestman said he enjoyed how efficient the team was.

Of course, the most important thing: Bears win.

Your thoughts? Practices are finally padded tomorrow!