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Chicago Bears Training Camp: Defense Starting Hot

The offense misfiring at this point isn't a cause to be worried about the season, yet.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

One of the early storylines of camp is the defense starting out on a bit of a hotter note than the high-powered Marc Trestman offense. The defense started out each of the last two practices by intercepting Jay Cutler on his first pass attempt of the session and tipping his second. The offense goes on to recover to a degree, but the early turnovers and penalties in camp on day one (though those were startlingly absent on Saturday's practice) are a bit of a concern.

That being said, it's not to the point of concern that the season's already toast. With yet another new offense in town and a history the last few years of the offense starting out slowly (mostly through not having an offense) and the defense typically being high-caliber, isn't the offense starting out slowly nothing new to us at this point?

One of the main questions this season was the quality of the defense and if it would take a step back with Lovie Smith out of town. It very well may, but shouldn't it starting out hot alleviate some of the concerns on that side of the ball that it can still do some of the things it's supposed to do?

If the offense had come out guns blazing the last two days, we'd be wondering what's wrong with the defense instead of looking at the great things the offense was doing and nodding instead like that would be the expected outcome.

It's still far too early to read into anything as to how the season's going to unfold, but the offense being a little miss right now instead of hit isn't enough to judge anything on.

The pads go on tomorrow, so we'll get a better look at things then when players are allowed to play a little more physical. But for now, relax.