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Chicago Bears Training Camp: Day 3 Open Thread

Today's the first padded practice!

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The last two days have been without pads and without much contact; today, all that changes.

Here's the Sunday Bears Den to keep you up to date on all the Bears and NFL news from yesterday and this morning. Jeremy Maclin and Dennis Pitta gone for the year already. Yuck.

Also from yesterday, my thoughts on the defense starting out hotter than the offense in this year's camp, and the recapof everything that happened in yesterday's session. I'd think today's might be more riveting though.

To borrow from Spongie borrowing from Lester yesterday:

Here's a link to the entire Chicago Bears training camp schedule.

The Chicago Bears website also has a handy Training Camp FAQ which can be found here.

Please keep in mind that Open Threads are rated WCG-MA, so you may see a naughty word or two in the comment section. Here's a link to our community guidelines so you know what is still out of bounds. It may be an open thread, but we still should act fairly civilized, we're not Yahoos.

Now enjoy the open thread!

... And for something not borrowed, as always, Open Thread Responsibly (TM).