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Chicago Bears Training Camp: Competition Abounds at Line and Receivers

We're giving a couple thoughts about the guards on the roster and talking about Marquess Wilson's interesting couple of practices.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

With eyes all over the new players on the roster and the offensive scheme, one of the main things that should stand out is the competition taking place at the bottom of the receiving corps and at the offensive line.

On the offensive line, of course the Bears are looking to find ways to get their first-round prize Kyle Long into the fray with the first team at right guard, but James Brown got some time at left guard yesterday. Probably nothing to read into too deeply (i.e. they were probably giving Matt Slauson simply a break), but getting him time at left guard can't possibly be a bad thing if the team thinks he has something. And a line including Brown and Long is younger and better for the potential long-term than the one-year deal spent on Slauson.

At receiver, I'd say Joe Anderson had the lead during the majority of the offseason to be the team's fourth receiver, but Marquess Wilson's had a couple decent practices here and might be injecting himself forcibly into the fourth receiver spot if he keeps up what he's been doing. That being said, there's a case for Anderson to make the fifth receiver spot as well due to his ability to play special teams - it would probably push off Eric Weems, but again, in the interests of keeping a younger roster for the long-term, it's doable.

What are your thoughts on an offensive line that starts Brown and Long? Where do you see Wilson sticking on the roster, if you do at all?