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Chicago Bears Training Camp: Day 4 Open Thread

Will the O-line improve in the second day of padded practice?

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The defensive line had the upper hand in line in yesterday's practice, but it's early days yet. Will the newly-constituted offensive line up take its first baby steps towards gelling into a serviceable unit by the start of the season? What else are you looking out for?

More from yesterday in the open thread, the recap, Schweickert on key camp battles and more camp roundup (hello, sailor), and what the media reported collected in today's Den.

To borrow from Schweickert borrowing me borrowing from Lester:

Here's a link to the entire Chicago Bears training camp schedule.

The Chicago Bears website also has a handy Training Camp FAQ which can be found here.

Please keep in mind that Open Threads are rated WCG-MA, so you may see a naughty word or two in the comment section. Here's a link to our community guidelines so you know what is still out of bounds. It may be an open thread, but we still should act fairly civilized, we're not Yahoos.

Now enjoy the open thread!

And, as Schweickert reminded us, Open Thread Responsibly (TM).