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Photo-Caption Extravaganza: What is going on in this picture? AND The Superfans guide to holiday fun

From the first time we saw this picture of Chicago Bears wide out Brandon Marshall playing quarterback while that little fella held the blocking dummy it intrigued us... We really need to know what is going on!


Number one, Happy Independence Day to all the fine Windy City Gridiron readers out there. We hope you are having a safe and a glorious 4th of July. Before we get into the Photo-Caption Extravaganza, here is the official Superfans sure fire guide to having holiday fun.

1) Keep in mind the reason for said holiday

In this case it's celebrating our Independence from Great Brittan. Back on July 4, 1776, we Americans adopted the Declaration Of Independence that announced to the world, that our original 13 colonies would henceforth be independent States. Back then a number of great American Patriots basically told the English to get bent.

Fast forward a few years later and George Halas invents the NFL, and go forward a few more years and we shellack another group of Patriots in the Super Bowl. Synergy. Da Bears.

2) If you are hosting more than 8 people, you must use two grills

We really don't care what holiday you are celebrating, it always tastes better with charred meat, preferably sausage. Manning the double grill will ensure no one is waiting for food.

3) If you are ordering Deep Dish Pizza you may disregard number 2

That goes without saying.

4) Always go with a keg


5) If you drink, don't drive

If I have to explain this one to you, then you should probably go play in traffic.

Now on to the lovely Caption Contest.

What is going on in this picture? Is this some new Canadian drill Marc Trestman brought down with him from his CFL days? Are the Bears toying with the idea of Marshall playing some Wildcat QB? Who is that little fella holding the blocking dummy? Is that Shea McClellin working around a child's block? And why does that other Bear look so lackadaisical?

Tell us what is happening in this photo, or tell us what is being said by the people in this photo and you can be a winner!

After diligent thought among us Superfans, whilst partaking in a plethora of the finest cuisine Ditka's has to offer, here's what we do know about the photo.

  • Brandon Marshall is playing quarterback, and he's holding the ball a bit too high. Bears QB Coach Matt Cavanaugh really should get him to shorten up his throwing motion.
  • That little fella is doing a solid job walling off the pass rush, he seems to have better body control than J'Marcus Webb. If we can get him to stop playing so flatfooted he could be a keeper.
  • That player in front of Marshall is playing too uninterested. Phil Emery should consider cutting him.

Now it's up to you! Give us your best caption, and you can win!

{Editor: Be sure to rec your favorites, and you technically won't "win" anything.}

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