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Which One Would You Keep: Jermon Bushrod or Martellus Bennett?

We're having a little friendly in-team competition. Which player of the two presented could the Bears most afford to give up?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Today's edition of Keepers is going to ask you about two guys that are completely new to the team this year - so it's not so much "keep" as it is "sign one and not the other." But it is a pair of players that fill some pretty hefty needs, and for a pretty hefty price.

Jermon Bushrod is expected to solidify left tackle play, shifting J'Marcus Webb over to the right side and help provide a more sturdy offensive line in general. Martellus Bennett is expected to fill the role that Kellen Davis couldn't - a reliable receiving target and somebody that could sustain an edge block.

Both players are going to have to be keys for the 2013 edition of the Bears offense to put things together, but for this exercise, you only get to keep one. And I've even worded the poll correctly for you guys!

So, who ya got?