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Which One Would You Keep: Corey Wootton or Major Wright?

We're having a little friendly in-team competition. Which player of the two presented could the Bears most afford to give up?


I think this one could be a bit more decided, but I still think it's a fun one to bring in.

Corey Wootton and Major Wright are both entering contract years, but they've taken different paths to get there. Wootton and Wright were consecutive Bears picks in the 2010 draft, but Wright saw game action in 11 games of his rookie year and started 11 games in 2011 and the entire 2012 season. Wootton had a hard time seeing the field in 2010 and 2011, but played well enough in 2012 to secure a starting spot.

That being said, the Bears might be in a better situation in their safety corps than they currently are at defensive end, if either player is removed. Chris Conte's got another year on his rookie deal, Tom Zbikowski is a fairly useful player, and Brandon Hardin gets another chance to show he was worth the year on IR. At end, Peppers is another year older, and Shea McClellin needs to take a step forward this year.

So after all this... Which one are you keeping?