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Who are the Chicago Bears' statistical Franchise Nemeses?

What players have done the most statistical damage against the Chicago Bears since 1960? Some of the names are no-brainers, while some may surprise you.

Peter Brouillet-US PRESSWIRE

Football Perspective via Pro Football Reference has tabulated the data on what players have done the most damage to each team in the NFL. The Franchises Nemeses, if you will.

If you were to guess what player has thrown for the most yards against the Chicago Bears since 1960, you would probably come around to Brett Favre within the first couple responses, if not the first guess. Favre has thrown for more yards against one single team, the Detroit Lions, than any other quarterback. He's torched the Lions for 8,954 yards in 35 career games, and his work against Chicago is actually 3rd best (8,606 / 36 games). Second on the list; Dan Marino vs. the New York Jets with 8,651 yards in 30 games.

Those two QBs make up the first seven franchise nemeses, with number seven being Favre against the other NFC North foe, the Minnesota Vikings, with 7,379 yards in 31 games.

The Lions may have won out as Favre's whipping boys in passing yards, but the team he threw the most touchdowns against was the Bears, 60 to 58. Both trail Marino, who threw 72 TDs against the Jets.

When it comes to running the ball, no player has rushed for more yards against one team, than the 2,484 rushing yards by Walter Payton against the Packers. Take that Green Bay!

Would you care to guess what running back has been the top rushing nemesis of the Chicago Bears?

I can't do the spoiler thingy up here... I'll have to stall a bit.

One player has the most rushing yards...

while another has the most rushing TDs against the Bears.

Both are of course NFC North rivals...

Barry Sanders ran for 1,846 yards in 19 career games against the Bears, and Adrian Peterson has 14 rushing TDs and counting. At his current pace, 14TD/10games, Peterson's damage against the Bears will keep shooting up the list.

When it comes to receivers, would you care to guess who has the most receptions, yards, and TD catches against the Chicago Bears?

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

After reading the answers, I was actually surprised...

...that I didn't come up with these names immediately.

Two players are the statistical leaders in the three categories, and both played for the Minnesota Vikings.

Cris Carter had 137 receptions and 1,570 receiving yards in 24 career games to lead in those categories, and his teammate Randy Moss had 10 TD catches in 15 games against the Bears.

Would you believe that not one Bears wide out made the cut as an opposing franchise nemesis? Maybe Brandon Marshall can stick around long enough to be a thorn in the side of the other NFC North teams.

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