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Chicago Bears Training Camp: August 12 Open Thread

The sack that broke the camel's back?

Grant Halverson

The big news in the wake of Friday's preseason opener - if you don't count Henry Melton's concussion - is, of course, the switch of J'Marcus Webb from starting RT to backup LT and rookie 5th-round pick Jordan Mills stepping up from the 3rd unit for the remaining two practices, with Britton working at backup RT.

Unlike Mike Tice, who decided on a starting O-line early last year in training camp in order to give them as many reps as possible together, Trestman and Kromer have said they anticipate the process of determining their best five O-linemen will take as long as it takes.  With only four weeks until the games count, how soon do you think they need to find a settled unit?

Otherwise, it's all about injuries and who deserves more opportunities to play themselves onto the roster and/or into starting roles. In the case of the rookies, perhaps an added layer of intrigue as to whether they could be stashed onto the PS without another team picking them up. Aside from the change to the O-line, what else will be you keeping an eye out for in the penultimate practice of training camp?

Lestermir: Here's a link to the entire Chicago Bears training camp schedule. One does not simply walk into Bourbonnais.

The Chicago Bears website also has a handy Training Camp FAQ which can be found here.

Please keep in mind that Open Threads are rated WCG-MA, so you may see a naughty word or two in the comment section. Here's a link to the steward of Gondor's guidelines so you know what is still considered treason. It may be an open thread, but we still should act fairly civilized, we're not uruk-hai.

Now enjoy the open thread!

Schweickwise Gamgee: Do you remember the Shire, Mr. Frodo? It'll be spring soon. And the orchards will be in blossom. And everywhere hobbit folk'll be Open Threading Responsibly (TM).

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