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Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Chicago Bears and beyond (Hashtag edition)

NFL preseason week one is in the books, and I've learned so much from the interwebs, from social media, and from the actual mainstream media. Check out this special Hashtag edition of my NFL thoughts, and be sure to drop a few of your thoughts in the comment section.

Go Dane go!!!
Go Dane go!!!
David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

1) Rookie E.J. Manuel will be the break out quarterbacking superstar of the 2013 draft class. #BetterThanLuck

2) Defensive back Tyrann Mathieu will take the Arizona Cardinals defense to the next level. #HoneyBadgerIsBack

3) Minnesota rookie WR Cordarrelle Patterson will at the very least give the Vikings some Percy Harvin-esque play making production. #Baller

4) Giants rookie DE Damontre Moore will be the greatest pass rusher in New York history. #LTWho?

5) Oakland's Terrelle Pryor is the next great read option sensation. #QBoftheFuture

6) That is unless Tim Tebow is the next great read option sensation for the Patriots. #Hesnot

7) Jacksonville "offensive weapon", the electric Denard Robinson, will be a difference maker for the Jags in 2013. #toldyouso

8) The next great basketball to football star tight end is Julius Thomas of the Denver Broncos. #WhatAboutFendi?

9) Continuing the line of greatness, Jonathan Bostic is the next stud middle linebacker for the Chicago Bears. #HOF

10) Dane Sanzenbacher returned a punt 71 yards for a TD, and had 2 receptions for 59 yards and a TD in the Bengals preseason opener. Why did the Bears ever let him go? #FutureProBowler

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