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Over/under: Jay Cutler

Today kicks off a preseason series looking at individual players and predicting some of their stats for the 2013 season. We'll do it with a Vegas-style "over/under" by setting a number and throwing in some side bets as well.

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It's no secret that much of the 2013 Chicago Bears season relies a lot on the production of quarterback Jay Cutler. Cutler, in a contract year has a lot to gin monetarily by performing well.

Coach Marc Trestman was brought in mostly to fix the Bears' ongoing offensive woes, as well as get the most out of Cutler.

The early reviews have been mixed, but as with any new offensive system there are always kinks to be worked out. However, Cutler should benefit from an improved offensive line and he addition of tight end Martellus Bennett and a more seasoned Alshon Jeffery.

He will also be working in an offense that stresses short, high percentage throws that will help Cutler get into a rhythm and set up the deeper shots that allow him to use his arm strength.

Cutler's years in Chicago haven't lived up to the expectations. Cutler has not hit the 4,000 yard mark as a Bears and he has never thrown 30 TDs. He has also never thrown less than 14 interceptions when appearing in more than 10 games.

So keeping that in mind, what could his 2013 stat line look like?

Also keep in mind that last season only five QBs threw for more than 30 TDs, only four had QB ratings over 100 for the year and eleven QBs threw for over 4,000 yards. Only eight topped 4,100 yards. The best single-season for a Bears QB was Erik Kramer in 1995 when he threw for 3,838 yards and 29 TDs and only 10 INTs.

Keep that in mind because the idea is to get as many realistic predictions. This is the first year in this system and there will be growing pains.

Now to set the over/unders:

Touchdown passes: Over/under 23.5

Interceptions: Over/under 14.5

Passing yards: Over/under 3,300

QB rating: Over/under 83.5

Rushing TDs: Over/under .5

Rushing yards: Over/under 199.5

Completion percentage: Over/under 62.5

Pass attempts: Over/under 525

As for prop bets:

Number of Games with a rating over 100

Odds he has a 90 rating for the season

Odds Cutler players all 16 games

Odds Cutler breaks Erik Kramer's '95 season record

So would you take the over or the under on these? What over/unders would you set for Cutler that I didn't? What prop bets can you think of and what odds would you give the ones I laid out?

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