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Chicago Bears Training Camp: August 02 Open Thread

Well, Trestman ~does~ want his players to care about one another.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The last session at Bourbonnais before Saturday's Family Night at Soldier Field, and hopefully we won't lose anyone else to the trainers' table today after Corey Wootton left yesterday's practice. For a reminder of what else transpired see the open thread, the recap post, and/or today's Den.

Walking wounded aside, will the offense continue to gain ground on the defense, as it's apparently been doing through the first week of camp? Will the coaches continue to shuffle the O-line around? And are the offense beginning to get comfortable with the high tempo that Trestman demands of them, as this video from Laurence Holmes shows?

What are you looking for, as the first week of training camp draws to a close?

Lester: Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears: Here's a link to the entire Chicago Bears training camp schedule.

The Chicago Bears website also has a handy Training Camp FAQ which can be found here.

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Now enjoy the open thread!

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