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Kyle Long: Future Chicago Bears Legend

Sure it's only been a couple practice games, and so what if his NFL career is officially just a few months old, this Kyle Long fella is already approaching legendary status.

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Jonathan Daniel

Hello my friends, Bill Swerski and the Superfans here, and please allow us to get this out of the way, right away. Kyle Long is following in the legendary footsteps of Aldo Forte, Al Baisi, Ray Bray, Mark Bortz, Reuben Brown, and dare I say it, Stan Jones. Now for those uninitiated Chicago Bears fans out there, here's what we just did.

We just put the name 'Kyle Long' in the same sentence as former Bear Pro Bowl guards, and one Hall Of Fame Chicago guard, in Mr. Stan Jones. Yes we did. Get over it. The kid deserves it.

How good is he already?

How about "dominant", "ridiculous", "excellent", "impressive", and already playing like a "3rd year" pro.

In case you follow those newfangled saber-metric-moneyball type analysis's, one of the more popular ones, PFF, has graded Kyle Long as the greatest rookie in the history of the game.

Editor: Pro Football Focus didn't call Long the greatest rookie in the history of the game, he's just the highest graded rookie of the preseason so far, +8 in 86 snaps. Not as impressive, but still quite impressive.

Our own super smart general manager Phil Emery called the kid the greatest athletic draftee in Chicago Bears history.

Editor: Again hyperbole has gotten the best of the Superfans. Emery said Long was the highest rated guard in the last 12 draft classes according to their Athletic Index Score.

His attitude is impressive, and his off season workouts prompted this from his trainer; "He is the meanest, nastiest dude I've ever trained,". In case you are unaware, mean and nasty is what you'd like from an offensive lineman.

Or how about his unabashed enthusiasm over donning the 'C' on his helmet, "We're on the freakin' Bears." That's exactly what I want to hear from the guys on my team. Some freakin' fire and some freakin' passion.

Once noted Bears-basher Trent Dilfer started lauding the play of our guy, we knew Kyle Long was ready for prime time. During the last preseason contest, we had to do a double take when we started hearing Dilfer and blow hard extraordinaire Chris Berman saying pleasant things about both Long and our beloved Bears.

Most of the off season we had to listen to jackasses constantly rip the selection of Long at #20, so hearing a couple jamokes on a national stage talk up the young fella was music to our ears.

And when we say music we mean Bear Down Chicago Bears.

Even our esteemed WCG colleague, Lester Wiltfong, got it wrong immediately after the draft...

If I were the General manager of the Chicago Bears, I would have not taken Kyle Long at 20 in the first round.

...we were on board with Long from day one.

I figured we'd go around the Superfan round table and have each of us tell our favorite Kyle Long memory, and I'll go first.

I remember that time when he pulled down the line from his right guard spot, and obliterated that unsuspecting Charger. That was great. And might I add that I'm surprised the Namby Pamby NFL Commish, Roger Goodell, didn't fine Long for his 100% legal hit.

Pat Arnold: I'll never forget that one time, at training camp, when Kyle Long chased down Brandon Hardin who had just recovered a fumble. Long caught up to the 4.43 forty running Hardin, and had the whistle not blown, he would have surely separated the ball from his cold dead hand. Brandon Hardin now considers that whistle his best friend.

Carl Wollarski: My fav memory takes me back to the kids first day in pads on a professional level. During one on one drills at training camp, he was putting Bears defenders on their asses. Ah, good memories.

Todd O'Connor: My favorite Kyle Long story is that time when Kyle Long was throwing around some guys doing some MMA training, and just by the shear force of his throws, and the dead weight thump of his victims, he created the Great Lakes.

We expect it will be just a matter of time before Kyle Long is being measured for a gold jacket, we see his bust molded in bronze, and we have his #75 added to a Soldier Field Ring Of Honor.

The next stop for the kid, is finding an appropriate nickname. All Chicago greats need a snazzy nickname.

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