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The Chicago Bears have the best uniform in the NFL

The latest Uniform Power Ranking from ESPN should not be a surprise to Chicago Bears fans. The classic Navy, Orange, and White of the Chicago Bears is Number One.


The Chicago Bears sit atop the latest Power Rankings from ESPN. Their Uni Watch column ranks every uniform in professional sports, and the Bears are #1 for the NFL.

Here's what they had to say about the classic look of the Bears.

Moving the TV numbers from the sleeves to the shoulders last season did no great harm to what is still the cream of the NFL crop. No other team looks as consistently sharp week after week, no matter if they're playing at home or on the road. Key element: the striped socks, which tie the whole look together. Other NFL teams could learn from that.

I'd like to just throw this out there while we're discussing uniforms. I think the Chicago Bears throwbacks are by far the best of all the throwbacks.

The Bears have even sported the crisp white on white look on occasion, and while I don't share the same enthusiasm as Bill Swerski over the look, I do like it. One other thing, the navy tops and bottoms should never be worn together again by the Bears.

My only issue with the ESPN article was their inclusion of the typical mainstream media Jay Cutler sad sack photo when showing the Chicago road unis. That is why I included a more flattering road uni pic of Cutler above.

What do you think about the ESPN Uni Watch rankings?

Who do you feel has the best throwbacks?

Do you even care about the fashion element of the NFL?

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