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Alshon Jeffery will be the Chicago Bears Fantasy Football Breakout player

When talking fantasy football and the Chicago Bears, there's really only two must haves on the team, Matt Forte and Brandon Marshall. But after them, who will come out of nowhere to be relevant for your fantasy rosters? My pick is Alshon Jeffery.

Leon Halip

In the last five years you can count on one hand, the number of legitimate targets that fantasy footballers would go after on the Chicago Bears.

Matt Forte, Brandon Marshall, and the Bears defense and special teams. And that's about it.

There was a year where you could have targeted Greg Olsen if you were looking for a tight end with potential. Some odd ball fantasy players may have really wanted Robbie Gould in the 15th round. But asides from the aforementioned top three, no one was a must draft.

Forte, Marshall, and the D, will still be top options at their positions, and newcomer TE Martellus Bennett could be a good player to take a chance on. But there's one player that could come out of nowhere to make some rosters. Chicago's #2 WR, Alshon Jeffery.

He's not a top option by any means, but he could be a player to take a flier on in the later rounds. In 2012, his rookie season, he appeared in 10 games, with six starts. His 24 receptions, 367 yards, and 3 TDs probably languished in fantasy free agency all season, but this year he will be on some fantasy teams.

Jeffery had a productive off season working out with Brandon Marshall prior to training camp. He continued his stellar preseason work by having a tremendous showing at the OTAs and training camp. Chicago QB Jay Cutler said Jeffery had the best camp of anyone on offense.

"Alshon [Jeffery], I think has probably had the best camp out of everybody on offense. He's done a great job this offseason of getting better, getting physically stronger and gaining my trust. I love throwing it to him."

In Cutler's Pro Bowl 2008 season in Denver, rookie Eddie Royal caught 91 balls for 980 yards in 15 games playing across from Marshall. You have to assume that Alshon's game will make a leap from year one to year two, but can he come close to Royal's '08 production?

I don't think he'll hit those numbers, but I do think he will eclipse Royal's three touchdowns. Jeffery is a much bigger target, thus a better red zone threat. If the offense clicks like it should, I can see Jeffery with about 8 or 9 TDs, 60-70 receptions, and around 800-900 yards. Those numbers would be good enough for a fringe #2WR and a solid #3WR option for your fantasy team

Who do you think will be the fantasy breakout player for the Chicago Bears?

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