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2013 Bears Roster Cuts: Bears Cut Kyle Moore, Tom Zbikowski, A.J. Lindeman

The Bears make their first official cuts on the way to the 75-man roster.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Spor

The 75-man roster deadline is Tuesday. Might as well get started today.

The Bears have parted ways with defensive end Kyle Mooreaccording to Pro Football Talk. And no, believe it or not, Kyle Moore does not have a picture in the hopper of him in a Bears uniform.

The Bears also cut Tom Zbikowski...

And A.J. Lindeman.

With the first of the roster cuts out of the way, the Bears have plenty more moves to make to get to the magic 75 before Tuesday's deadline, and if any more come down today, we've got you covered. Who's next?

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