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2013 Bears Roster Cuts: Bears Roster Down to 76; Aromashodu, Miller Among Cuts

The Bears brought their roster down to 76 players, with one more cut due on Tuesday.

Jonathan Daniel

The Bears sure acted fast. With the deadline on Tuesday to get the roster down to the 75-man limit, the team announced the 14 roster cuts that got the team there today.

Earlier today we gave you A.J. Lindeman, Tom Zbikowski and Kyle Moore.

So that includes Devin Aromashodu, Leonard Pope, Eric Foster, PJ Lonergan, Derrick Martin, Gabe Miller, Brent Russell, Patrick Trahan, Tress Way, and Lawrence Wilson (not C.J. Wilson or Marquess Wilson). It sounds like the team might be done for the day, though.

So, there's still one more cut that has to be made. And of course, when it happens, we'll have it for you. Could even be today, if they're just having a lunch break or a spot of tea or something.

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