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Browns at Bears: Pre-game open thread

Death, taxes, and the Browns and Bears in week 4 of the preseason. All things you can count on. One thing you can't: exciting football.

This guy knows how to have a good time.
This guy knows how to have a good time.
Stephen Dunn

The Browns come to Chicago so that each team may watch all of it's non-starters play in a completely meaningless game to see which third string safeties get to stay on the team to play kickoff/punt coverage.

Isn't football exciting?

There are some questions for the Bears to answer. Will Jordan Palmer play his way into the third quarterback spot, or does Trent Edwards shock and awe with an aerial assault?

Can Armando Allen keep his job, or will he lose out to the teleporter, Michael Ford?

Roster cuts are due on Saturday afternoon. Who stays? Who goes? Is this team ready for week one against a Bengals team that has some talent?

Frankly, the fourth preseason game is the biggest evidence towards why the preseason needs to be changed. Most guys on each roster are pretty much set, but they keep a 75 man roster because they need enough players to field after they keep out guys like Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, and Matt Forte.

Enjoy this, friends, because the season technicall starts next Thursday night, but the important one starts a week from Sunday.