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2013 Preseason: Chicago Bears vs Cleveland Browns: Quick Recap

The Chicago Bears wrapped up the 2013 preseason with a loss to the Cleveland Browns. Quick recap below.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The game may have seemed to drag on for fans, but for the coaching staff of the Chicago Bears and Cleveland Browns, every snap counted.

First things first: J'Marcus Webb

Webb has always impressed with his athleticism... For a guy his size, he has always managed to wiggle his way onto the playing field based on his potential.  At the beginning of the preseason, it would have been difficult to image him not making the Chicago Bears roster, if only as a swing tackle.

Fast forward four weeks, and he may end up getting his walking papers after tonight's game.  Webb's off-the-field persona, highlighted by his reckless and sometimes nonsensical social media presence, turned a lot of fans off, but his on-the-field performance in front of coaches is what really matters.  And in four preseason games, he never seemed to make a positive impression.  The end of JWebbNation, at least in Chicago, may be near.

We will have more comprehensive coverage of the preseason finale tomorrow, but for tonight, we'll leave you with some stats.

Time of Possession

Bears 34:07 | Browns 25:53

Jordan Palmer:  11/17, 111 yds, 1 TD, 0 INT

Trent Edwards:  10/17, 135 yds, yds, 0 TD, 1 INT

Michael Ford:  9 carries, 48 yds

Armando Allen:  10 carries, 39 yds

Harvey Unga:  8 carries, 31 yds

Joe Anderson:  4 rec, 64 yds, 1 TD

Terrence Toliver:  6 rec, 49 yds

Fendi Onobun:  4 rec, 45 yds

Josh Lenz:  2 rec, 47 yds

All records now reset to 0-0, and the Chicago Bears will open the regular season next Sunday, September 9th, at Soldier Field versus the Cincinnati Bengals.

What are your thoughts after a 2-2 preseason?  Who gets cut that might be a surprise?