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2013 Stats over/under: Brandon Marshall

The Bears leading receiver from last year shattered team records, but in an offense that promises to spread the wealth around will he see as many passes? The offense should be pass-first, opening the door for Marshall to get double-digit catches. What will be his over/under?

Also, number of times he does this: over/under 1,000
Also, number of times he does this: over/under 1,000

Brandon Marshall was a welcome addition to the Bears, who have been searching for a top-flight receiver about as long as they have been searching for a quarterback to throw it to him. Marshall and Jay Cutler have an uncanny bond that has them completely in sync. The two have the ability to become among the best QB-WR duos of all time; Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison, Steve Young and Jerry Rice or Isaac Bruce and Kurt Warner.

However, the downside of this dynamic combination is that last year, when the offense was just not working, Cutler was just only throwing it to Marshall. While it paved the way for Marshall to shatter the franchise single-season receiving records like receptions, yards and yards per game. He also caught the second-most TDs in a single season.

The Bears need to get their other receivers involved in order for the offense to really click. The other receivers should be ready to step up, as long as they can stay healthy. That said, expect Marshall to still get his. He should certainly command double teams on a regular basis but he is so big and physical he wins enough at the point of attack that it doesn't matter.

For his career, Marshall averages 87 catches a year, 1,108 yards and six touchdowns. When his QB has started at least 15 games he's never caught less than 100 passes. I expect he will do better than his averages, but with the offense designed to get others involved, how high will his numbers be?

Receptions: Over/under 107.5

Yards: Over/under: 1,300

Touchdowns: Over/under: 8.5

Yards per game: Over/under: 81.25

Games with double-digit catches: Over/under: 3.5

100 yard games: Over/under 4.5

Prop Bets:

Number of games he has over 150 yards

Odds he catches double-digit touchdowns

Now it's your turn. Set your numbers and give some prop bets.

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