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Preseason Game #1: Chicago Bears vs Carolina Panthers- 1st Quarter Open Thread

Chicago Bears football is finally here. Sit back and enjoy, folks... We'll be here all night!

Grant Halverson

One quick note from Bears camp this evening regarding one offensive and one defensive star:

That means Jay Cutler won't be able to settle in with his security blanket, and will be forced to try out his new Trestfense with those other wide receivers.

And Peppers not playing means that Panthers fans won't get to act a fool when he runs on the field (yes, they still do that).

We don't expect Cutler to actually play more than a series or two, but it will be enough to start knocking off the rust and get into a rhythm.

Other notes regarding the starting lineup:

- James Brown will start at Right Guard

- Jon Bostic will start at Middle Linebacker (D.J. Williams has a calf injury)

This is your first actual Chicago Bears Open Thread of the season... Have fun!