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Chicago Bears 2013 Roster: Thoughts and Theories

With the Bears' roster in its first incarnation heading into week one preparation, we're sharing a few thoughts on the roster.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 Chicago Bears roster will undoubtedly undergo some changes between now and the start of the first game against the Cincinnati Bengals. For now though, the roster does leave me with a few thoughts.

First off, there are nine rookies on the roster this year, coupled with Shea McClellin, Alshon Jeffery and Isaiah Frey from the 2012 class (this is after cutting Greg McCoy after the preseason in 2012 and launching Evan Rodriguez and Brandon Hardin this offseason/preseason). Interesting stat tweeted by Brad Biggs: The Bears' prior three draft classes (2009, 2010 and 2011) only have five combined players remaining on the team. That's five in 20 picks.

Now, some of that is change in philosophy between the head coaches and the general manager, and some of it to recency effect, but wow.

Taylor Boggs and Cheta Ozougwu kind of surprised me a little that they stuck, and Boggs makes sense - he's a ninth lineman, but he's young, can develop, and with Roberto Garza being the lone holdover on the starting offensive line, the Bears need to get younger there eventually. Ozougwu likewise makes sense because he makes a ninth defensive lineman, and I'm not sure the Bears could really afford to go to eight. If one gets dropped though, it'll be Boggs first because he can still go to the practice squad.

I honestly liked Demontre Hurst over C.J. Wilson, but that might just be the good plays he made overshadowing his bad plays. Hurst did show a tendency to get out of position, which he can work on in the practice squad. Wilson's at least a little more consistent. And overall, I'm not that worried about the defensive back depth.

Holding a fourth dedicated special teams player is a cramp on the roster, but I'm surprised the Bears only went with 24 offensive players. Then again, aside from maybe Josh Lenz (who might be a practice squad player, with his return skills as well as ability to play receiver) or Terrence Toliver, I'm not sure who else I'd take.

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