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Chicago Bears 2013 Roster: Who Do You Want to See on the Practice Squad?

Today is the first day teams can sign players to their practice squad. Which players to you want to see the Bears either re-sign or pick up?

Jonathan Daniel

As of about an hour ago, the window is open for teams to sign players to their practice squad. While we wait for the news to trickle in of the eight players signed to the Bears' version of the squad, who do you want to see in that unit?

I've already made my case for Josh Lenz, and that's one that I know it a bit contentious, but I think his speed is workable (for the record, I don't think his hands and route running are bad either) and he has some return skills, even if he's not Devin Hester of now, much less Hester in his prime. Terrence Toliver is also a really good option here, and maybe a better pure receiver option. Or maybe the Bears pick up Ricardo Lockette, as Brad Biggs theorized. I'd be okay with that too.

Demontre Hurst is another one I'd like to see stick on the practice squad. I liked his ball skills as well as his ability to make some big plays, but I think he needs to learn when to make those plays, as well as his responsibility on each play.

The Bears still worked with quite a few quarterbacks in the offseason; Jimmy Coy might be one of the ones to get a call back, particularly with Matt Blanchard off.

Who are some of the guys you want to keep on the practice squad?