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Thursday Night Football: New York Jets at New England Patriots Open Thread

Within the last twelve months, both of these teams had Tim Tebow on their roster. Tonight, neither of these teams has Tim Tebow on their roster.

Al Bello

Oh, AFC East, shall you ever have parity?

The New York Jets travel to New England tonight for a game at Gillette Stadium that, on paper, would suggest an easy win for the Patriots.  However, NE struggled mightily against a rookie QB last week in Buffalo, narrowly escaping with a victory.  Will that happen again?

The Jets, on the other hand, played a sometimes sloppy battle against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and escaped with a victory after the opponent committed a costly personal foul at the end of the game. Hmm...that sounds familiar.

The game tonight is on so no worries about NFL Network at 7pm, so if you have it, and you want to see Geno Smith and Tom Brady as two quarterbacks at totally different ends of the spectrum, enjoy.

The only way the Bears play either of these teams this year is in the Super Bowl, And I think only one of them has a legitimate chance of making it, so tonight's game is just for fun.

Join us below for discussion, fun, what have you. Also, uh, TEBOW TEBOW TEBOW, TEBOW TEBOW.

That drives page hits, right?

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