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College Football Open Thread: Week 3

While there is a full docket of games today, most of the country will have their eyes on one major game today. Guess who...

Ronald Martinez

On one hand, having a bye week so early in the season could be seen as a disadvantage, but the Alabama Crimson Tide wouldn't have had it any other way. They had two weeks to prepare for Texas A&M, led by quarterback Johnny Manziel.

One of Alabama's defensive players told me that they had been practicing a unique zone defensive scheme that they would likely only use this week, which will be completely different from the defense they normally run during the season. Should be an interesting matchup.

The Tide and Aggies will kick off at 3:30pm ET on CBS. In the meantime, check out this amazing GRAPHICAL PREVIEW.

Other notable games include:

#16 UCLA vs #23 Nebraska

Tennessee (2-0) versus #2 Oregon

Illinois (2-0) versus #19 Washington State

#21 Notre Dame versus Purdue

#25 Ole Miss versus Texas

We will continue to provide coverage and analysis os the Chicago Bears upcoming game versus the Minnesota Vikings, but feel free to hang out here if you'd like to chat about today's college games.