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Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Chicago Bears and beyond

Pittsburgh travels to Cincinnati tonight in the week two capper, and Bears fans be sure to tune in, because next Sunday the Bears will be taking on the Steelers in the Sunday Nighter. Be sure to check out my thoughts on the NFL this week, and make sure you leave a few of your own in the comments section.

Otto Greule Jr

1) I tweeted out this thought last night (follow me @wiltfongjr), but why are NFL analysts so surprised the Philadelphia Eagles lost yesterday? This is a team that won four games last year. I'd be more surprised if they won.

2) Speaking of last year's records, do you realize the Kansas City Chiefs have already matched their win total (2) from 2012? My surprise team prediction is looking good so far. Toot toot.

3) The Oakland Raiders took a lot of grief for giving fullback Marcel Reece a three year extension with over $7 million guaranteed, but I think it's a good move. He was a pro bowler last year, and he's not simply a lead blocking bruiser. He can fill in at tailback if needed, he's a viable option in the passing game out of the backfield, and he can split out and line up as a receiver in some formations. His type of versatility is highly beneficial to offensive coordinators.

4) Rookie quarterback E.J. Manuel is receiving most of the headlines for the Buffalo Bills' comeback victory against the Panthers, but check out this stat line for Buffalo defensive end Mario Williams. Four and a half sacks, four QB hits, five tackles, and an assist.

5) What a letdown game from Peyton Manning, he only went for 307 yards and 2 TDs. Terrible...

6) Robert Griffin III may be putting up good numbers, but he's not fully over his knee injury. He's not able to run like he needs to, and he's not stepping into his throws with good mechanics. He better hope his bad technique doesn't become muscle memory.

7) If the Seattle Seahawks can somehow snag home field advantage in the NFC, they may be a lock for the Super Bowl. A related Seattle thought, I think Richard Sherman is my favorite non-Bears defensive player in the NFL.

8) NFL rules dictated that the Jacksonville Jaguars game be played locally around Orlando, Florida. Their viewers were pissed. Not only did the Orlando TV station tweet out the rule reminder, but they also issued an on air apology. Next up I would expect an apology from the Jags owners for putting such a terrible product on the field. In two games they have a scoring differential of -36.

9) How big of a spark was Devin Hester for the Chicago Bears? He delivered his two biggest returns at times when they really needed a shot of momentum. He ran wild immediately after the opening kick return TD by the Vikes, and again after their fumble return TD.

10) How great of a fit has Martellus Bennett been for the Bears? His skill set is tailor made for the West Coast Offense. So far in two weeks, he's only been off the field for two offensive snaps. His ability to do everything a tight end should do, allows Marc Trestman to hide what he's trying to do offensively.