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NFL Power Rankings: Chicago Bears still moving up

With two weeks completely in the books, let's take a spin around the various NFL Power Rankings and see just how much the 2-0 Chicago Bears have moved up this week.

This is Kyle Long. Don't piss him off.
This is Kyle Long. Don't piss him off.
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

When last we met, the Chicago Bears were ranked as high as six and as low as twelve in the handful of Power Rankings we looked at. After squeaking by the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday to run their record to 2-0, and sole possession of 1st place in the NFC North, let's take a gander at the Bears' rankings now.

First up, we'll peek in on the guys at SB Nation who moved the Bears up one to eight.

Factoid of the week that may only interest football fans pouring over power rankings: Brandon Marshall did not lead the Bears in receptions during last week's win over the Vikings. Matt Forte lead the team with 11 catches.

Ladies and gentlemen, this ain't your daddy's offense...

SBNs Cincy Jungle has the Bears way up at #4 after giving them the high water mark last week at six.

The Bears are finishing games and Jay Cutler looks pretty good. Sometimes.

The Phinsider, who is the Dolphins' SBN site, really gave the Bears a bump, up five to number seven.

Did you know the Bears had receivers not named Brandon Marshall? Jay Cutler didn't either. I guess he does now.

Oh look... More Cutler jokes...

Here's one from CBS Sports, they have Chicago up at five.

Marc Trestman is doing wonders with this offense and there is reason to believe Jay Cutler is a different QB. Week 3 brings a big Sunday night game in Pittsburgh.

ESPN has the Bears sticking at nine.

Jay Cutler is loving the Martellus Bennett experience so far. Bennett's three touchdowns this year, including the game-winning score Sunday, equals the total of all Bears tight ends last year.

The Martellus Bennett Experience? If he catches wind of that, I'd expect a Hendrix style get up from The Black Unicorn.

Coach Brian Billick at FOX Sports is keeping Chicago at seven.

The Bears are 2-0 but haven played at home both games. They will get tested on the road against a desperate Steelers team next Sunday night in front of a national audience.

Another stagnant ranking for the Shutdown Corner over at Yahoo Sports, they also keep the Bears at seven.

Pretty amazing how close they came to going 0-2 with two home losses.

That's one way to look at it, one negative way... has the Bears... wait a minute, they have the Bears moving down to seven? Someone get the Superfans on the phone...

Talk about a great escape. The Bears have to play better, but at the end of the day, Jay Cutler made things happen when necessary, like tossing the game-winner to Martellus Bennett. What's most encouraging is the way Chicago used Matt Forte, who caught 11 balls and had 30 touches overall for 161 yards on Sunday.

What do you think? Where do you have the 2-0 Bears this week?

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