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Dick Butkus demands the NFL to start HGH testing

Chicago Bears Hall Of Fame linebacker Dick Butkus calls it "inexcusable" that the NFL doesn't have HGH testing in place for this season.

Win McNamee

Former Chicago Bears middle linebacker, and NFL icon Dick Butkus, has been outspoken in his desire to clean up the game of football through his I Play Clean campaign. He's tackling the abuse of performance enhancing drugs head on, through the Butkus Foundation, and he's specifically calling out the NFL for slacking on the already agreed upon HGH testing.

Here's the full press release;


CHICAGO - (August 29, 2013) - As the regular football season fast approaches, Pro Football Hall of Fame linebacker Dick Butkus believes HGH testing must begin immediately, as agreed by the NFL and Players Association in their collective bargaining agreement two years ago.

Said Butkus: "It is inexcusable to not have HGH testing in place for the 2013 season. If you care about the health and safety of players you should not play without first conducting HGH testing. Guys playing clean in the NFL are getting the short end of the stick. They are being put at risk and penalized for doing things the right way. Most importantly, young players at every level are watching and paying attention. They are waiting for the players to lead."

For seven years, Butkus has encouraged teenagers to play clean; that is, to train hard, eat well and play with attitude, instead of resorting to illegal performance-enhancing drugs. He and his son Matt Butkus formed the "I Play Clean" program to educate young athletes about the physical and emotional risks of using performance-enhancing drugs. Some 400,000 teenage athletes report experimenting with these substances, largely because they haven't received formal education about the risks and consequences, or understand how to optimize their training, nutrition and intensity.

Butkus applauds strict enforcement of tough professional standards about performance-enhancing drugs to send a strong signal to the next generation of athletes that the use of such substances will not be tolerated.

The linebacker legend encourages every player, coach, fan and team to take the I Play CleanTM pledge, which is posted at and located on facebook at

The PED controversy has been the talk of the sports world for some time now, be sure to let us know what you think about the demand from Dick Butkus.

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