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Poll Of The Day: You grade the Bears performance vs the Steelers

The Chicago Bears are 3-0, and sitting alone atop the NFC North. After hanging 40 points on the Pittsburgh Steelers we want you to hand out their grades this week.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Last week the glorious Superfans stepped in for the Honeymooning Sam, and took over his positional grades post. It went about as we would expect.

Also expected, some of our readers didn't catch that it was the 'always looking at the Bears through navy and orange colored glasses' Superfans, that wrote the article. There was a spattering of confused comments wondering why the grades were so positive.

This week the call was made to nix the Superfans grades article. The Superfans were again graciously stepping in for the, now recovering from his Honeymoon, Sam, but we thought we would put the grading in your hands.

In case you were wondering how the Superfans saw things, here's a snippet from their now defunct post.

Overall Grade: A+++

Yes, our beloved boys from a certain city, that on Sunday traveled to a certain state, a state that which gave birth to one of the all time Greats in Bears history, only to see said Great come back to our certain city, and lay claim as an NFL Champion as a player and a Super Bowl Champ as a coach, went into Pittsburgh and destroyed the Steelers, and that certain city is none other than the Greatest City known to man, "Chi. Ca. Go.", did in fact earn the ever elusive Triple Plus.

Now it's your turn. Let us know your overall grade for the Bears performance against the Steelers. Also, to keep with Sam's format, give us your letter grade for each phase of the game.

Running backs
Tight ends
Offensive line
Offensive unit grade
Defensive line
Defensive unit grade
Special teams

It's Bears Victory Monday, I'm sure you have time to give us your take on the game!

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