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Monday Night Football Open Thread: Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos

Join us for live discussion on tonight's MNF game!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Terrell Pryor versus Peyton Manning. If they were simply squaring off against one another, as many outlets would like it to be, this would be a silly match up. But there are 10 other players on offense for each team, not to mention two complete defenses, special teams units, and coaching staffs.

The 1-1 Oakland Raiders have traveled to the Mile High city to take on the 2-0 Denver Broncos, both of which are trying to keep up with the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC West. Weird, right?

Make sure to check out Silver and Black Pride for the Raiders perspective and Mile High Report for the Broncos.

Kickoff will take place at 8:40pm ET on ESPN. If you're an ESPN subscriber, you can stream the game online for free HERE.

Who will come away this week the MNF victor? We will know shortly, but generally speaking, the Broncos have been picked by nearly every analyst in the country. But we know, anything can happen.

This is your Monday Night Football Open Thread... Have fun!