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Following Julius Peppers - Week 3: Bears at Steelers

Just a little way to keep tabs on who number 90 engages with. (Hint: He's circled in yellow)

Something we like to take a look at at Windy City Gridiron is if the things we are all telling ourselves in the comments are actually true.

One of the big topics lately has been the defensive line, so we though we'd see where the highest paid part of that line is in various play.

In previous weeks, Peppers has apparently played while sick. We heard none of that style talk this week, so it seemed to be the perfect time to take a look at where he is in a game.

Peppers is circled in yellow, and each snapshot is ideally from a section where he was first engaged with the primary offensive lineman. There were plays he didn't play, as he was only part of 71% of snaps. This also doesn't include his special teams plays, because we don't necessarily care about them. There are a couple of duplicates, because those freeze frames show little bit different elements of each play.

Enjoy the looks. We'll have them throughout the season.