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Thursday Night Football Open Thread: San Francisco 49ers v. St Louis Rams


Looks like we forgot about this, but late is better than never... Week 4 kicked off a little while ago as the San Francisco 49ers take on divisional rivals the St Louis Rams.  On the surface of it this should be no contest, but things haven't worked out quite as expected for the 49ers this season after pasting the Green Bay Packers in week 1, with a couple of bad losses to the Seattle Seahawks and the Indianapolis Colts, led by coach Jim Harbaugh's QB from Stanford, Andrew Luck.  They're looking to arrest their two-game slide without having Patrick Willis in the lineup.

As for the Rams, they finished the 2012 season with a middle of the road 7-8-1 record but didn't lose a game to the vaunted 49ers, drawing after overtime away and winning in overtime at home.  Quite a feat by any measure. This season they're also at 1-2 but are coming off a 31-7 hammering by the Dallas Cowboys.

To borrow from Dane, this is your Thurday Night Football Open Thread... Have fun!