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Packers have better Super Bowl odds than the Bears

Not that we here at WCG would ever endorse gambling (I'm not sure we condemn it either though) but for those of you who are so inclined to do so may find some interest in the fact that the 1-2 Packers are getting better odds than the 3-0 Bears to win the Super Bowl.


Sports gambling is illegal almost everywhere in the United States, however, thanks to the power of the internet, it has been incredibly easy to find a Website run offshore that will gladly let you put money down on sports.

Now Super Bowl lines are mostly talked about before the season because, generally, that's the best time to find a longshot that has a decent chance and hence there is more money to be made. Once the season begins, the lines start to move and that's what has been happening in the first three weeks of the season.

Online gaming site Bovada has seen its lines move on several teams, with the Giants dropping to 75/1 after starting 0-3 and the Chiefs improving to 25/1 after starting 3-0.

One team that hasn't moved a ton though, are the Bears. Last week they were 20/1 odds to hoist the Lombardi Trophy and after finishing off the Steelers on Sunday night to move to 3-0 for the first time since 2010, they've only seen their odds improve slightly to 16/1.

The Bears' biggest rival, though, the Green Bay Packers, have seen their odds drop only slightly from 11/1 to 14/1 despite losing two in a row and dropping to 1-2.

Furthermore, the Packers also hold an edge over the Bears in odds of winning the conference (7/1 for the Pack to the Bears 8/1). The Packers aren't even in second place behind the Bears, that belongs to the Lions who hold 40/1 odds to win it all.

Go check out all the odds over on Bovada and let us know what you think about the Bears being less-favored than the third place team in their own division.

Is this another case of the Bears being slighted, this time by the bookies instead of the media?

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