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Chicago Bears' Six-Pack Keys to Victory Over the Lions

With Week 4 about to get underway in less than 24 hours, we're looking at our six keys for the Bears to come away victorious against the Lions.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

1) Off The Bus Running

And you thought that Lovie-ism was dead.

In this case, I wouldn't consider it wrong, particularly when the Lions' ends line up in their Wide-Nine alignment. While the 9 is purely meant to destroy the passer and prevent outside runs, it opens up some large gaps between the end and tackle that somebody with good vision and cutback ability (hmm, where could the Bears find one of those...) could hit pretty well. Especially if a filing linebacker misses a tackle or gets drawn/blocked out of position. Tony Fiametta could have a nice game as a lead blocker on plays like that.

2) Build Short to Deep

If the offense gets big plays, it'll come when the offensive line gives Jay Cutler plenty of time - and with the talent in the Lions' defensive line, that's got the potential to be very tricky. The Bears have the short-range tools and short-range passing game to keep a defense on its heels as they've done pretty well so far, and that can build into buying Cutler more time.

3) Calvin Johnson

This just in, Calvin Johnson might be able to play in this league. And with Charles Tillman likely to play but still being a bit gimpy, Johnson might be a little trickier to handle. Safety help over the top could be a thing, especially with Nate Burleson out with his broken arm.

4) Fauria-Out, Man!

Okay, you know I had to work a bad pun in there somewhere... Joseph Fauria's an undrafted free agent tight end who's second on the team in touchdowns with 2 (on four receptions). He gets looks in the red zone, and might be something to be aware of as the Lions get into range of the end-zone.

5) Reggie Bush

Yes, the Lions have their own Bush, who's listed as probable with a knee injury. But, Bush fits in well with the Lions' offense, in that in a pass-heavy offense he's a very good pass-catching running back. The Bears' linebackers will have to be ready when Bush breaks outside, and when it's Joique Bell on the field, Stephen Paea will need to continue his good play and stop Bell on the interior.

6) Alshon Jeffery

Second wide-receivers have done well against the Lions so far this year. The Lions improved their secondary over the offseason, and they're steps closer to average, but their defensive backs still aren't great. Jerome Simpson went for seven catches for 140 yards. Pierre Garcon and Santana Moss each had about 70 receiving yards on seven catches for Garcon and 8 for Moss. With Brandon Marshall across from him, as well as Martellus Bennett at tight end, Jeffery may well have his opportunities to get open and make some plays.

Bonus) Will the Real D-Line Pressure Please Stand Up?

Not really so much a key this week, because the Lions' offensive line does a really solid job of pass protection. But getting some good penetration in the passing game, made even trickier with the loss of Henry Melton, should rekindle some hope that maybe the defensive line can get some things going after all.