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20 NFL Thoughts that you can take to the bank

In two days the 2013 NFL season will kick off with the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens traveling to play the Denver Broncos. I'm picking the Broncos. Continue reading for some more of my NFL Thoughts that you can take to the bank.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

This will be year four of me sticking my neck out and making some NFL predictions. I've hit on a few through the years, and I've missed on even more, but the important thing is I'm putting my Thoughts out there. So after checking out what I've come up with, be sure to leave some of your own predictions in the comment section. Just remember, someone may call you out at some point if you get it wrong...

Here are 20 NFL Thoughts that you can take to the bank!

1) I already made one bold prediction for the 2013 season when I picked the Kansas City Chiefs as a surprise playoff team. Check out the comment section in that thread, Who is your surprise playoff team in 2013?, to find out which other teams were picked as surprises by some WCG members.

2) The New Orleans Saints will not make the playoffs.

3) Adrian Peterson will once again surpass 2,000 yards rushing, and he'll do so with former Bears tackle J'Marcus Webb receiving a few starts.

4) Tim Tebow will not play in the NFL this season.

5) Rookie Montee Ball will lead the Denver Broncos in rushing, be the leading rookie rusher, and win the Offensive Rookie of the Year.

6) It seems I've made this prediction before, but Rex Ryan will be the first coach fired in the NFL.

7) The Cleveland Browns will not finish last in the AFC North, the Pittsburgh Steelers will.

8) Geno Atkins, of the Cincinnati Bengals, will be the Defensive Player of the Year.

9) The Chicago Bears will make the playoffs, but the Green Bay Packers will win the NFC North.

10) Matt Forte will lead the NFL in yards from scrimmage.

11) Julius Peppers will have his best season as a Bear.

12) Marc Trestman will be the Coach of the Year.

13) The Chicago Bears will have a better statistical defense in 2013, than they did last year.

14) Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson will be neck and neck for the league MVP.

15) Wes Welker will have his fewest receptions since he was a Dolphin.

16) Danny Amendola will not catch over 90 balls for the Patriots. That's still a lot, but Welker went over 111 in five of his six seasons in New England.

17) The Oakland Raiders will have the worst record in the NFL, followed closely by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

18) Andrew Luck will pass for the most yards in the AFC, and Tony Romo will throw for the most yards in the NFC.

19) Calvin Johnson will not lead the NFL in receptions or receiving yards.

20) Ray Lewis will say something else that is really stupid. You did catch his conspiracy theory about the Super Bowl blackout didn't you?

Now it's your turn... Drop a few of your own predictions in the comment thread, just be prepared to get called out if they go horribly wrong.