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Chicago Bears cut Offensive Tackle Jonathan Scott; re-sign Tight End Kyle Adams

In a somewhat surprising move, the Bears cut Backup lineman Jonathan Scott a few short days before the start of the season, and re-sign tight end Kyle Adams one day after waiving him in favor of new tight end Dante Rosario.


The Bears announce an interesting move very late in the evening:

After the Bears cut J'Marcus Webb, many assumed Scott would be the back-up swing tackle, and it indeed seemed that way as he was listed as the backup at LT on the depth chart that was just released this morning.

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This move reduces the Bears to just 8 lineman on the roster, and will currently install Eben Britton as the backup swing tackle. You'll note that Britton wasn't overly impressive in the pre-season, struggling a bit at left tackle against the Panthers, most notably. Additionally, this brings the Bears to four tight ends, with Adams also providing a bit of backup at the fullback position.

It remains to be seen why this occurred, though easy speculation suggests that his knee is not as healthy as the Bears had originally thought. It would seem the Bears would likely go out and kick the tires on some offensive linemen, but it should reopen the already ripe conversation about whether J'Marcus Webb should be on this squad.

When some more light is shed on the reason behind this late cut/sign, we'll let you know. Keep it here for your Bears insights.