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2013 NFL regular season kickoff: Ravens vs. Broncos Open Thread

Football is here! Join us here for the first regular season game of the 2013 NFL season.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Despite having no lockout implications or replacement referee drama, the 2013 NFL offseason seemed to drag on at a snail's pace. But, finally, real football has arrived! Yippee!

Tonight we kick off with a battle between AFC powerhouses... It's the reigning Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens facing off against a team many experts are picking to hoist the Lombardi Trophy in 2013, the Denver Broncos.

Peyton Manning will be lining his offense up against a Ravens defense that will be minus Ray Lewis for the first time since 1995. Think about that for a moment.

Lewis captained that defense for 17 seasons, and announced his retirement after last season season at 37 years old.

Our SBN brethren are also covering this contest from all angles. Visit Mile High Report for the Broncos angle, and Baltimore Beatdown for the Ravens.

This is your Thursday Night Football Open Thread... As always, please Open Thread responsibly.

Have fun!