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Windy City Gridiron 2013 community review

We're taking a look at the most active members of 2013!

David Banks

As 2013 came to a close, it was apparent that Windy City Gridiron not only grew in traffic, but saw another HUGE growth in our membership and community. At the end of the day, we exist to serve you ladies and gentlemen, and always strive to provide you with as much analysis, information, and up-to-date news as we possibly can, and are always open to hearing your feedback.

With that said, a quick recap of WCG's most active members in 2013:

Most FanPosts:

suckmyditka 34
boydvv54 24
Mr. Titanium 17
BeardownsoHard 16
erik.lambert.79 12
PatrickBR 10
JW_Redmon 9
chris.walsh.5095110 7
NormalFan 7
Erik Christopher Duerrwaechter 6

Most FanShots:

Lester A. Wiltfong Jr. 8
Dane Noble 7
myronaiii 5
MidWayMonster54 5
BearDownIsrael 2
hardscrabble 2
Gaak 2
oxpaulo 2
Claudio Oliveira 2

Most Comments:

suckmyditka 7018
75bearsfan 6240
ed_brown 6210
Mr. Titanium 4760
Erik Christopher Duerrwaechter 3851
MidWayMonster54 3820
Mike Ditka's Cigar 3683
Ditka's Stache 3675
Bears-Cubs Bulls 3587
Just Dave 3293

One thing we would like to encourage for 2014 is more FanPosts. We even have a section on the front page dedicated to the Best of FanPosts, so if you have a unique angle, some insightful commentary, or need to get on a soapbox, get to writing!

Congratulations to our most active members of 2013... We hope to see you around for another great year in 2014!