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Windy City Gridiron Madden Franchise Stream: The Preseason

We left the offseason on a down note, with a bunch of free agents gone and a ton of roster overhaul. Tonight, we'll attempt to patch that and play some real football.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Spor

Last week we began the WCG Madden Franchise, offline with input from you, the WCG members. And unfortunately, it hasn't exactly started out well. We had a few pretty nasty snafus in free agency and the draft that resulted in four defensive linemen being drafted, and the roster is not in great shape heading into the preseason.

So our first order of the day will be to attempt to patch some holes with extra cap space, and then we'll actually get to see some football with the new version of our 2014 Chicago Bears.

It'll be just me tonight, so we'll have the music going and just have some fun. If you have any questions, comments, insults or anything of that nature, you can leave them here in the comments, on my Twitch channel at, or on my Twitter at @SJS_illini!

Also, a major shoutout to graphics extraordinaire David Taylor for the awesome new offline image you see below! The stream will start at approximately 6:30 and I'll fill it in with the YouTube uploads when we're wrapped up.

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