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2014 NFL Pro Bowl Open Thread

Tonight's the Pro Bowl. Come watch it with us!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Pro Bowl day, said no one ever.

There's a big game coming up, but the Super Bowl happens to be next week. Meanwhile, this week, we'll get the fantasy football squads drafted by Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders.

If you're wondering where each of the Bears ended up, Alshon Jeffery (first string), Brandon Marshall (second string) and Matt Forte (third string) all ended up on team Rice. Team Sanders took Tim Jennings and Kyle Long; both will be on Sanders' second string. Yes, I'm aware Jeffery, the alternate, is starting over Marshall, named in the first wave of Pro Bowlers.

2014 NFL Pro Bowl

Time: 6:30 PM CT / 7:30 PM ET
Place: Honolulu, Hawaii, Aloha Stadium
Online Streaming: does that. You can find it somewhere in this direction. Don't bother asking about anything else.

This is your open thread for tonight's Pro Bowl. As always, Open Thread Responsibly (TM).